Marrakech calm and rafinement

Why should you go to Marrakech ?

Forget all those bucket-and-spade beach breaks that can be summed up on a postcard . . . Marrakesh leaves you with holiday photographs that demand further explanation. How did you wind up sipping tea with blacksmiths, shedding your skin – quite literally – in a hammam (bathhouse), and busting Berber dance moves in the Djemaa el-Fna ? Sipping a sunset cocktail on the roof of an 18th-century riad, you think back over the day’s experiences and, in your mind, try to retrace your steps. Possibly there was a donkey cart dodged or a magic shop stumbled upon among the city’s 3,000 winding derbs (alleyways), but that doesn’t entirely explain your iron lantern, your henna tattoo and your new found capacity to shimmy.


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